Tuesday, February 2, 2010

unPuRpoSeD PoST 1

i just come back from class..

current mood:tired
i just wanna have a good comfy sleep..

hope to wake up by 10 to study!arggh!

i just started my new sems,just a few weeks ago!then another test is pop up!
and will continously follow by others..
including all the maniac labs,midterms and mental abusing assignment!

why dont they just give me some rest..?

Dear mr presiden of mmu,

could u plz being in my shoes..
could u consider to give me some break for me bersukaria a bit more..
in your dreams iylia.it wont be happen..hehe..

hope will get a wake up call from mr boyfie ♥!i count on you ya!


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