Monday, February 1, 2010

ApRiCoT SeEds!

You may have wondered what is the apricot seeds and how it works to prevent disease?

According to the book "World Without Cancer", apricot seed oil contains the highest rate of B17 concentrations when compared to seeds of other fruits.
Apricot seeds belong to the group of cereals and legumes that can be proven to kill cancer cells directly.

Research shows that people who leave in Hunza eating rich in vitamin B17- are free from this fatal disease.

** The best way to enjoy the apricot seed is by eating it fresh . Nutritious apricot seeds only in the form of crude.
i ade seorang kawan i yg mak die hidap breast kanser..puas berubat sane sini tapi x sembuh2 jugak..alhamdullilah lepas mkn biji aprikot ni kanser tu da beransur hilang..haa..kawan i tu la yg minx i ceritakan kat cni..die ckp so far mak die da ok..

if nak tahu lebih2 lagi pasal apricot seeds ni..bole la jenguk2 kat cni ye:


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