Monday, October 25, 2010

Its been ages..

hey hey and hello peeps!!
its been ages i didnt post any entry here..
to be truth,i'm seriously mls to write and post about anything..
hahaha..dasar pemalas..
since i'm activating my fb acc back,this blog has been di anak tirikan by me..
see how fb influenced me a lot?hehe..
but now..
i'm back..=))
to begin,i'm started my new sems..
alhamdullilah i manage to pass all the subject for the last trimester..
although its not flying colour,flying wat so eva..getting a pass is more than enough for me since this degree is so hard!gosh!
will summarized what i've been trough for the past few months,weeks and days ok..
pixies will be uploaded too..=))

ps: i want to get engaged too since evrybody around me is posting their engangement picca!whhuuaaa!mind disturbing!=p

untill then


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