Wednesday, February 3, 2010


dear body..
i'm sorry for not taking a good care of u..
i'm sorry i'm make u sick by crying so much..
i'm sorry for torturing u with my fever and evrything..
i wish i could stop..

dear mind..
plz stop thinking it over n over again..
i cant sleep..
they wont stop until they satisfied..
why you have to be sad while they happy out there?
i cant stop if u make me to..
just let it go eventhough its hard..

dear iylia..
i'm sorry gurl for make you sad and gloomy..
i just want you to be happy..
i hope u be strong for this..
maybe u deserve it..
sooner or later it may be good as u imagine..
they dont know untill they be in your shoes my dear..
remember what ma used to say.."ingat allah byk2"..
so,iylia plz be strong for me..because i love you so much!!
no matter what i'm gonna be wit you foreva..


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